Lee Haskins vs Ryan Burnett

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Lee Haskins vs Ryan Burnett Live

Ryan Burnett challenges IBF bantamweight champion Lee Haskins hoping to repay the faith trainer Adam Booth placed in him when he let him live in his family home.

The promising 25-year-old was forced to live in a car with his dad when he first moved to England, but after years working with Booth he is expecting to enter a period of significant success.

So close have the two become that Burnett, who earlier weighed in at 8st 5lbs for Saturday’s fight at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena, remained with Booth while the latter lived in Monte Carlo.

His education more recently continued in Surrey, and he can now vindicate his trainer’s dedication by winning his first world title.

Burnett can also emulate Wayne McCullough, another world bantamweight champion from Belfast, by earning world honours in his 17th fight, and he said: ‘I went to England, and Adam took me in and trained me, as if I was his own son.

‘He’s been really, really good to me, really, really helped me out. It’s been a great relationship: he’s gone above and beyond to say the least.

‘This is the point we’ve been working towards since the start. Adam always said he knew I’d get here, and thank God, here we are on the cusp of fighting for a world title.