Astros vs Dodgers

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Astros vs Dodgers  Live

Astros vs Dodgers

No lead was safe in a raucous Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday, but the Houston Astros had the advantage of batting last. After nine innings filled with lead changes, the home team put one last run on the board in the 10th to beat the visiting Dodgers, 13-12.

Facing Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen, Alex Bregman drove in the winning run on a line drive to left field, ending an incredible offensive run for both teams.

The teams will now head back to Los Angeles with the Astros holding a three games to two lead in the best-of-seven series.

As has been the case all postseason, home runs determined much of the scoring, with the teams combining to hit seven. The Astros fell behind 4-0 against the Dodgers’ ace Clayton Kershaw, tied the score, fell behind 7-4, tied the score again, went down 8-7 and then exploded for a four-run seventh inning that put them on top to stay.

World Series Game 5

It took a record World Series record 5 hours and 17 minutes and 10 innings, but the Astros defeated the Dodgers in Game 5 to go ahead 3-2. There were homers, so many homers, and so many lead changes. Dallas Keuchel disappointed Astros’ fans, and then Clayton Kershaw was equally disappointing to Dodgers’ fans, and then both bullpens showed that they’re exhausted and need Monday off to recuperate because the baseball season is so long and all they want to do is sleep.

Missed the game? Want to relive it? Here’s our Game 5 live blog, perfectly preserved for your perusal.

As usual, if you want to read the live blog from the beginning, scroll to the “1st inning” header and work your way back up.

10th inning

Joe Musgrove is now pitching for the Astros, presumably because he is neither Francisco Liriano nor Ken Giles. Marwin Gonzalez is now at first base with Gurriel out of the game, and Josh Reddick moved to left, which is why someone at that position just caught a baseball for the Astros.

Maybin is in center, and Springer is in right, so the Astros’ outfield defense just got a lot better. The downside is they don’t have Gurriel in the lineup anymore, and that’s no small thing.

Andre Ethier beats the shift with a single the other way, but Cody Bellinger can’t move him over, as he flies out to center. Two down, Ethier still at first. Ethier almost took out Altuve at second base, but it’s an out all the same, and Altuve seems fine. Ethier checked on the Astros’ second baseman immediately, just so you know.

Here come the Astros to try to walkoff in the bottom of the 10th. It’ll be Gattis, Gonzalez, and McCann this time around, and the top of the lineup if any of them should reach.

Kenley Jansen is still on the mound for the Dodgers, as he threw just 12 pitches in his first inning of work. Gattis grounds out on the fifth pitch of the at-bat, but at least he’s doing his park of making sure Jansen can’t sneak a third inning of work in tonight.

That is important, too, as the broadcast notes that only Josh Fields and Brandon McCarthy are left in the Dodgers’ bullpen. Anyone besides Jansen would be an upgrade for Houston at this point, especially since he just made Gonzalez look silly on a slider that struck him out.

Here’s McCann, who hit the homer that gave the Astros their 12th run, aka the reason they’re still playing right now. Jansen gets him to 2-2, and then that pitch just missed being a game-winning homer: it hooked foul, and Jansen for some reason threw another fastball in following it. This one missed the zone entirely and hit McCann on the arm, though, so the Astros have a runner at first.

McCann says he’s fine, but the trainers are checking on him. And now there’s another Astros runner on, as George Springer walked. One of two things happened there: Jansen pitched around the incredibly dangerous Springer to face Alex Bregman, or, Jansen is tired and throwing in the low 90s and can’t locate at the worst time for all of those things to be happening at once.

The next pitch answers our question: Jansen throws a 92 mph pitch where Bregman can hit it, and Bregman does. The Astros walkoff, 13-12, and they head to Los Angeles leading the World Series, 3-2.

We’ll be back for Game 6 on Tuesday, when Justin Verlander and Rich Hill go at it once again.

9th inning

Chris Devenski is back out for the ninth inning, and the Dodgers will send Cody Bellinger, Logan Forsythe, and Yasiel Puig to face him. Should one of them reach, then Austin Barnes will also get a shot at Devenski.

Devenski starts things off just how Dodgers fans want him to, with a 3-0 count to Bellinger. He then walks him on a 3-1 count, and the tying run now sits on deck.

By the way, this game is now the longest nine-inning World Series, as Olney’s tweet is almost 30 minutes old already.

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