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Now that you’re all suitably titillated about what is to come, it’s time for a reminder of how we got here.

It’s been a long old road, starting all the way back in July 2015 for the first round of the America’s Cup World Series in Portsmouth. Nearly two years on, we’re here in sunny Bermuda.

Sir Ben Ainslie’s Land Rover BAR team won the World Series, giving handing them two bonus points for the start of the America’s Cup Qualifiers, which started in Bermuda at the end of May. It was, however, a false dawn for Sir Ben and his team; the Brits became the second team to be knocked out of the competition after the unfancied French were eliminated after round one.

Jimmy Spithill has admitted yesterday’s bow stunt was a calculated move to wind up the Team New Zealand camp on the eve of the America’s Cup match in Bermuda.

Two Team Japan crew members were yesterday spotted carrying two shiny red bows from the Oracle compound next door to the headquarters of the Japanese syndicate. The implication was that Oracle, as they are permitted to do under the Cup rules, were putting together a second boat using Team Japan’s hulls.

Speaking at the traditional pre-America’s Cup skippers press conference, Spithill said it was all a clever ruse to mess with the heads of Team NZ, and apparently the media, who he claimed to have “missed dearly” during his 10-day downtime in between official appearances.

“I think it just shows you guys will fall for anything, last time it was a stability augmentation system called ‘Herbie’. This time it was no coincidence that we saw the spy boat out there, I just can’t believe you guys fell for it again,” said Spithill.

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